lucy is eight months!!!

"eating the sign? i'm not eating the sign..."

latest talents include:

~crawling small distances--preferably naked.
~chowing down on pancakes, cheerios, pasta and bread, while politely spitting out her vegetables. (i think we have a carb-addict in the making).
~banging two toys together--the louder the better!
~calling ME by my real name (mamma mamma mamma mamma mom).
~raising her hand to speak when she's got something super-important to say. not kidding.

this girl becomes more and more fun with each and every passing day. i still fear that i might wake up from this magnificent dream... but until then i'm seriously enjoying the ride.



Lisa said...

Happy 8 month birthday to Lucy!

I love your blog :)

ring.and.rose said...

what a wonderful girl! omg, erin. i do the hand-raising thing still, to this very day. lucy & i are twinsies.