a handy little item...

i've had my cup cooley  laying around for quite some time--since last year, maybe. i originally bought it to keep my hands from getting cold while holding my coffeehouse iced teas. i never though about the fact that it's also supposed to be used for hot drinks in place of the cardboard sleeves that were designed to replace the (very wasteful) second cup. the cup cooley takes the idea of the cardboard sleeve a step further--it's completely reusable so there's no need for any added waste on top of the coffee cup itself. 

i am extremely happy to report that i've pretty much shaken my daily coffeehouse addiction. i am now down to a once-per-week visit (sometimes skipping it altogether). the money i'm saving by not buying coffee is pretty much funding my mom & lucy yoga class on fridays. i've taken to drinking lots of decaf chai tea lattes that i make at home, and my new friend molly has even shown me how to make my own chai tea. it's as good as store bought, if not better since i'm totally in control of what ingredients get used. 

anyway, i've been pouring my lattes into pint glasses, which hold the perfect amount of tea and also fit into the drink holders in my car and stroller. the only issue with using a pint glass is that there's no handle to protect my hand. i was cleaning out a drawer the other day and came across my cup cooley. perfection! no more burning my hand as i rush to carry my steaming drink to the car. 

this would make a great stocking stuffer for people who want to be a little more eco-friendly, but aren't yet able to make the jump of bringing their own mug to the coffee shop. and it really is nicer than a cardboard sleeve--small enough to keep in a purse or glove box, dishwasher safe and it comes in several pretty hues. 

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