our lovely loot...

christmas certainly had an eco-friendly aspect to it this year. klean kanteens and resuable bags were in abundance! i was a bit worried about all of the "stuff," what with the fact that babies often = loads of toys. but i have to say that it seems nearly everyone we know understands and appreciates our outlook on superfluous baby things.

don't get me wrong--lucy still got her fair share of gifts! but it was easy to see that they were thoughtfully chosen: the green toys tea set & green toys cooking set, california baby hair & bodywash, some used (and a few new) books to enjoy. organic clothing. a set of balls to roll around. a secondhand hat and mitten set. a pair of sparkly converse... okay, the shoes might not be eco-friendly but they are soooo cute!

my mom made lucy the most darling cloth book, complete with pictures on printable fabric. this book, like all of lucy's handmade things, is something we will treasure forever. knowing that my mom took the time to put it all together makes me smile everytime i see it sitting on lucy's dresser. grandma really took handmade holiday to the next level!

for me, from my dad: a handpainted box that opens to reveal a hand-cut wooden puzzle. i think this is such charming little thing. lucy and i will no doubt have lots of fun putting it together when she gets a little older. i think my dad picked this up at a street fair in berkeley--good things can always be found there. not handcrafted, but sure to inspire: a gift for lucy and i from her cousins. instructions and patterns for creating the cutest little creatures i have ever seen. i guess i'll be the one doing all the work, and lucy will get to cuddle the finished products!

finally, here were my gifts to lucy--not handcrafted (by me, anyway), but certainly secondhand. a vintage dollie. the hands & head are handpainted porcelain, the body is cloth. dollie was nakkie when i bought her, but i managed to dig up a dress that fit her properly at another antique shop. she looks a bit concerned that lucy might play too rough, doesn't she? no worries, dollie. we're teaching lucy to be gentle with pretty things such as yourself!

lucy, by the way, gets all squealy when she gets to hold dollie. i think it's because she looks so real...
last but not least, i got lucy a wooden elephant pull-toy. i think this little guy is from the mid-seventies, but there's no real telling of just how vintage it might or might not be. i do know one thing: the leather string seems very, very yummy. i look forward to the day that i see little lucy toddling around with elephant behind her.

hope your christmastime was just as wonderful as ours was! now we've got our eye on the new year... there are a couple of resolutions in the works. all so very eco, of course!

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jollymae said...

oh my gosh, the handmade book your mother made is ADORABLE! I could only wish to be that crafty!
Awesome loot! :)