keeping busy...

like, totally busy. i'm neck-deep in christmas crafting at the moment... why on earth did i put it off for so long? anyway, i so wish i could post more about what i'm making (and the zillion problems i've encountered along the way) but i've got a few nosy readers out there and don't want to spoil a single surprise. i've also realized that i can't make everything--there's just no way. but i've bought a few handmade and non-new items to supplement my inadequacies as a crafter! i'm happy to say that as of now, i've only made 2 purchases at well-known retail stores (for non-craft items). pretty good. here's to hoping that will be it!

instead of sharing my work, i'll leave a couple of links that have helped to inspire me in my christmas crafting.

the ultimate handmade holiday master list at sew mama sew
a week of christmas projects at the purl bee

i'm also putting together a cloth gift bag tutorial. i've got lots of wrapping paper left over from previous years but i also scored a huge piece of white canvas-y material for 99 cents at a thrift shop, so i am toying around with making some reusable gift bags. a few tweaks are needed, but i think they will be nice. if all goes as planned, i will put it up as my monday post!

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nick_price said...


Not sure if you have time to fit this in but i thought it was pretty cool.


it's from a section of the sewmamasew blog.