the word is out...

we're an eco-family. and apparently, everybody knows it. 

jeremy went out to his truck this morning and was surprised to find a cardboard box in our front yard. the box was placed with great intent on a patch of dirt on one side of our driveway. this patch of dirt was, at one point, a patch of grass separate from the main lawn. jeremy has dug most of it up--we plan to plant either a clover lawn or a "victory garden" there next year. anyway, all that doesn't so much matter. what matters is what was in the box. 

12 bottles of used motor oil. 

our greatest thanks to whomever decided that we were the best home for all that old motor oil. we really appreciate the thought. and just think--we didn't even have to wait until christmas for the gift. 

really? would it ever cross your mind in 100 years to leave something like that in somebody else's yard? i mean, ours isn't the nicest house on the block, but it's light-years away from being a dumping zone. why not have placed it across the street, at the house that keeps a mirrored headboard and 2 floor lamps on the front porch? a much better match, don't you think?


poor jeremy has taken the box to an auto store down the road, where it will be properly disposed of. 


ring.and.rose said...

ha. the word is out! and your good efforts have not gone unnoticed.

: )

hooray for that!

jollymae said...

this made me LOL!!
I love that the shot of Jeremy shows the neighbors porch with said headboard and lamps!!
Consider yourself lucky - at least you know the oil was properly recycled instead of just dumped into a landfill! ;)