the best bibs...

every since her first foray into the world of solid foods, little lucy has been quite skilled at making a big ol' mess when it comes to mealtimes. thankfully i have found a bib that can keep up--as much as can be expected, anyway. along with being made in the usa, bumkins bibs are free of nasty stuff like pvc, phthalates and vinyl, and have a nice, non-plastic-y feel to them. they're also waterproof. i swear the pocket at the bottom actually holds water--large amounts of it. what i love the most is that they are easily hand-washable. i rinse lucy's out at the sink and hang it on a hook in our kitchen. it's always dry by the next mealtime. the only thing that could make this bib better is if it came with sleeves... oh wait, it looks like they already thought of that:i always feel like lucy doesn't need another thing, but the bib pictured above could get a lot of use around here. i mean, at first glance it does seem like overkill, but it would be awesome at preventing messes such as these:  

that's steel cut oats with frozen blueberries, if you're wondering about the specifics. blueberry juice out of thermal knit? not an easy task. it's a good thing this girl is cute--i don't mind working for her. 

seriously though, a bumkins bib is now on my personal go-to baby shower gift list. along with something handmade, of course. 

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Jodie said...

My daughter is the same age as yours and loves to make messes at meal times. I too love those bibs and hope to get one with sleeves soon!