no peeking, lucy!

i'm so excited about part of lucy's birthday present that came in the mail last week--just had to share. how cute are these from lucette on etsy?

i originally purchased only the cupcakes, but this kind seller threw in the breakfast goodies as an apology for shipping a mere 1 day late. talk about great customer service! the quality of these crocheted treats is excellent, and the price was right--only $6 for the set of 3. score. i hope lucy loves them as much as i do--i see tea parties on her green toys tea set in our future!

i hoped to make something for lucy, but i am super running out of time. i might issue her a rain check for some felt letters like these, (though for the work involved, i think i'd rather just shell out the $30). as consolation for my procrastination, i am also trying to take into consideration the smart words of my own mom, who, after hearing me say "i haven't even made anything for lucy's birthday yet!" said, "honey, you're making her a party." hmm. is that why i'm so tired?

jeremy has built lucy a sandbox (which she won't yet touch with a 10-ft. pole... uh-oh!), which will be her big gift. and we've asked guests of her party to bring only themselves. it'll be interesting to see how many listen to our wishes! 

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luvlieK - Kelly said...

So it was you that got the cupcakes! I think those are soooo adorable!