let's play catch up...

someone's been MIA for a moment. oops, i guess it was me. here's a catch up post to get us back on track:

we had a fantastic easter. lucy was in the greatest of spirits all day long, and looked simply adorable in a vintage dress and bed jacket with little embroidered bunnies on it. her hair is finally getting long enough for little pigtails. they stuck right up, but kind of resembled bunny ears--perfect for easter. babies can pull anything off...
lucy's easter gifts were small and sweet: shoes, socks and a book from grandma, more tub toys from me. instead of plastic easter grass, one of lucy's baskets was filled with scraps of organic bamboo velour leftover from diaper-making. the other was filled with crumbled strips of paper kept from a previous year. i have to say, the scrap filling didn't quite work out the way i envisioned--it wasn't fluffy enough or something. no matter, lucy didn't seem to mind. i wish i'd gotten a better photo, but she tore everything apart soon after laying eyes on her baskets. 

we did happen to get a real easter egg this year, thanks to porter, our brown-feathered hen. those girls have never yet failed to deliver us an egg on easter!
if you look carefully in the background of the above photo, you'll see that lucy's party banners are starting to take shape! thanks to my mom, we have nearly 30 feet of colorful little flags we'll use as decoration for her birthday in years to come. now they just need to be sewn to a piece of binding (they're currently hanging on my clothesline w/ clothespins).

in other party news, i have to thank you all for your suggestions and other comments regarding our party utensils! i'm happy to say that my wonderful friend (and diaper-making business parter) molly has volunteered to bring 60 sets of flatware to the party. this is saving us money, not to mention resources, and i am incredibly thankful for her generosity. 

in paper towel news, we have used up a few more. here's the breakdown: 

sheet #11: compost bucket
sheet #12: used to dry off a colander full of fresh berries for fruit salad. in retrospect, a clean dishtowel may have been just as effective. 
sheet #13: used to drain bacon grease for eater brunch. i can't believe we only used one, for 2 boxes of bacon? no wonder i am feeling large... 
sheet #14: compost bucket again
sheet #15: used to clean up teeny bits of broken ceramic off of the floor (lucy dropped her dish of blueberries). i have always used a paper towel to help pick up the teeny fragments left behind from shattered glass, as an extra measure to sweeping and vacuuming. with little hands and knees all over my living room, i want to make extra sure i get every last splinter of sharp stuff. 

one more thing to report. it's time for old navy's stuff and save promotion again, and i did receive a card in the mail instead of a plastic bag. if you've followed my blog for awhile, you'll recall that i wrote old navy asking them to "green up" their promo. not long after,  a friend told me that she'd gotten a card in the mail from old navy, good for a reusable tote in-store. i was excited and called to company to find out more detail, their customer service team told me that this improved promotion was demoing in select markets. it seems that they're making another go-round with it. good news. i only very rarely shop at old navy anymore, but i have to applaud them for their continued attempts to improve their stuff & save promotion!

i think that's it. for now. 


Family Time said...

I like to use bread to pick up broken shards of glass. Just nuke it in the microwave to get it soft and and it picks it all up. Even off the carpet.

Renee said...

i was going to suggest the bread thing too! and could you use newspaper in your compost bucket? even if you don't get the paper, i'm sure you could get one from a neighbor that would last forever.