my little state...

california certainly isn't without its problems, but here's a bit of nice news for the state: 

california adopts nation's first low-carbon fuel rule. "california air regulators on thursday adopted a first-in-the nation mandate for low-carbon fuels, telling the petroleum industry it must help combat global warming by offering cleaner-burning alternatives."  regulations state that fuel companies must "cut the carbon content of the fuels sold in california by 10 percent by 2020. it does so using a groundbreaking approach, by counting all the emissions required to deliver gasoline and diesel to california consumers - from drilling a new oil well or planting corn to transporting it to gas stations.

the article goes on to debate these new regulations, stating that they will unfairly impact manufacturers of biofuels such as ethanol. it's a short but interesting read if you've got some extra time to kill--and proves that there's always 2 sides to every store. 

i don't know. of course every little bit helps, but 10 percent in 10 years really doesn't seem like all that much to me. you? 

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