i need a consensus...

so, for this upcoming party, jeremy thinks that we should ask people to bring their own silverware. i think this is weird. 

a little background: even though it is slightly more expensive, we have decided to go with compostable cups and plates (made from sugarcane) for the party instead of paper. we feel pretty good about our decision, and hope that it will be a good example for our guests--we'll have our green yard waste container set up nearby for them to toss their used dishes into. (i don't think our personal compost bin is large enough to accommodate all of the waste). 

anyway. we're placing our order this weekend and haven't decided whether or not to order utensils. keep in mind that the invites have already gone out. so here are the questions: 

should we ask people to bring their own silverware?
would your answer change if the invites hadn't already gone out, and we could have put a little note in there?

my vote, as you know, is for weird. i get that the one-time use factor sucks, but to me it's strange to ask guests to bring something to a party. but i'm totally open to other opinions. 

we did buy our own silverware for 180 guests at our wedding, mainly because we didn't want to use disposables and rented china wasn't in the budget. we bought our own plates and glasses too. after the wedding we sold everything off to a sushi restaurant that was just starting up... hindsight is 20/20, as they say. we should have kept a little for ourselves!



anon-dad said...

i think bring your own silverware is a great idea to get away from the plastic throw away stuff and buying new of what we all already have is weird. i believe there will be a day where his is the norm.
also if you arent asking for gifts the least these people could do is BYOU. the problem is they will bring them in plastic bags.

you should be one of the hot moms in the TJ video
"wink, wink"

daisies916 said...

Hmm- it seems a little weird to me, too, though I wouldn't decline an invitation for this reason. Since you obviously feel close enough to the invitees to consider asking this, why not ask two or three close family members/friends if you can borrow their complete sets. Return with a homemade thank you and a promise to return the favor if asked!!

Anonymous said...

i agree with daisies:)
asking a couple people to borrow their set is a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Although I wouldn't think twice about bringing my own (I even have my own reusable "take-out" silverware), I do think the majority of your guests will think you are weird. Plus, many of them will forget or just not bring them and then what will you do? I would either borrow a bunch of sets from friends, buy some real cheap sets and then hold onto them for future parties, etc, or buy the eco-friendly disposable silverware. Good luck! I'll be in the same situation in a few months and I can't wait to see how Lucy's 1st Bday party turns out!

Megan said...

Would it be possible for you to buy a bunch of cheap sets of silverware? That way, you would have them for future parties and you won't have to worry about guests forgetting to bring their own.

Meghan said...

i also agree with what daisies said and borrow sets from friends or family. i would feel weird asking people to bring their own silverware, but sadly most of my family and friends are not into the "green movement" yet. i can't wait to see pictures from the party!

nick_price said...

how many people are invited?

i would suggest asking those who you feel comfortable asking... or talk to on a regular basis. For those like who might not be as green or you don't talk to regularly you should provide it for them.

Staying away from buying them is esential especially since you've put the idea out there.

But it doesn't have to be a black and white issue on asking people or not. Ask some who won't think it's weird.

One other option to have some extra on hand may be thrift town.
And you can count me in for at least 4 sets.

I went to a party recenctly and part of the invitation was to bring your own cup for the keg. i thought that was pretty good to reduce waste. It was also an electronic invitation so there was no wasted paper , but i won't get into that subject now...

Anonymous said...

what about hitting up your local goodwill/salvation army for used silverware. That way you are not buying new and the stores get rid of inventory and get money for their cause. The hodgepode look would be cute too.

Anonymous said...

I am so not bringing my own silverwear to Lucy's party! BUT, I will bring enough for everyone at the party if that will help! I have access to tons of silverwear and don't mind bringing it for this very occasion. The thing is utensils are so small, that people are not going to remember. If you told them to bring a potluck item and all cutlery...maybe. Okay, those are my two cents! let me know if you want us to bring a load of silver. :)Molls