paper towel watch...

#16 & #17: used to drain bacon
#18: compost bucket
#19: more bacon (blt's w/ avacado & cheese--so good!). 

thanks to some smart comments from you readers, i now have a plan to start using newspaper in the indoor compost bucket to absorb some of the "food-scrap runoff." no idea if this will work as well as paper towels, but we'll see! we don't take the paper, and i meant to grab an old one last time i was at my parent's house, but forgot. 

another reader tip i can't wait to try is using warm bread to pick up those miniscule glass shards that come every time we get a dish tossed over the side of the highchair. while i love not having to worry about popping lucy's plates & bowls into the microwave, or transferring warm food into them, there sure is a risk involved with handing baby something so very breakable. she's getting much better about this though--it only took 6 months, but today she ate cereal out of her glass bowl without so much as picking it up. till the food was gone, anyway. then all bets are off:

mmm. trader joe's organic raisin bran crunch. good to the last drop! 

now, what do you non-paper-towel-users do for draining bacon & hash browns? 


ring.and.rose said...

jeremy lets meat drain some juice after it comes off the bbq by arranging wooden skewers on a plate. you set the meat on top of the skewers and it drips down onto the plate below. i'm sure this would work for bacon too.

i imagine the wood skewers are not any more eco-friendly than paper towels, unless you found a way to reuse them or saved them for a winter bonfire. or something.

Maria said...

I've also been wondering if brown paper bags would work for lining the compost bucket. Those are easier to come by and are usually recycled materials anyway. Not as quickly biodegraded as newspaper I'm sure, but it would probably be sturdier.

I'd imagine you could use them for bacon/hash browns too. If I was really dedicated like you, I'd use cloth napkins or something similar though.

Meghan said...

to drain the grease off bacon you could also use stale (or fresh bread) it works pretty well. i guess it would also work for hash browns.

Molly said...

I don't know if you have one, but it seems like at one point everyone did - anyways...my husband makes bacon in our george foreman grill. it comes out super crispy and yummy with no need to let it sit on a paper towel

Valerie said...

I agree with Molly about using the George Foreman if you have one! They're great for bacon!