we're planning a party...

a first birthday party for the girl. it's going to be a backyard kind of shindig, pretty mellow, with lots of food and drink and hopefully good weather. we had really high hopes on making this a super-eco-friendly party: seeded invitations (which grow wildflowers when planted, and are made from 100% post-consumer waste), handmade fabric banner-style decorations that could be used year after year, compostable plates, cups, etc. and a mini pony, which is not exactly eco-friendly one way or the other, but it sure would be fun. 

then i realized that i don't have a jillion dollars. we're now looking some alternate ideas. 

the seeded invites turned out to be the most frivolous-seeming expense, so we're currently searching for 100% recycled cardstock to print our own invitations on. the stuff that big chain stores like staples sells is made of 10% post consumer waste, which to me is not really that good. so the search will go on tomorrow at a few local paper stores. i'm at the point where i have to buy something... invites need to go out this week!

decorations. we're definitely doing a lot of balloons (did you know that ALL latex balloons are compostable... not just trader joe's ones?) but i really wanted to do something a little more permanent that i could pull out every year. kind of like this. and so i ordered a ton of this adorable fabric during a half-off sale at an online quilt shop. i was so excited. the bad news? the quilt shop tanked and most orders were cancelled. including mine. so now i'm trying to pull together scraps that i have that will coordinate well as decoration. we'll see how it goes. 

we're sticking with compostable plates and things, even though it's a bit more expensive than regular throwaway stuff. one step better would have been to get a full set of bambooware, but again, it was super cost-prohibitive. 

oh, and the pony, the pony. everyone told me to hold off on the pony, at least until next year. i am very begrudgingly heeding their advice. humph. 

more to come from the planning front as things unfold!


angeline petalfoot said...

um- hi. love your blog.
You might find this creepy, but whatever...
I have a invitation/announcement business, and have created an invitation for Lucy's party. If you like it, I'd be happy to send you a printable PDF for your use. While my product isn't exactly green (paper), it comes from a green mama, who has been running her business grass-roots style since 2006 out of her home. The home and place of business itself is very green. We cloth diaper, etc., I reuse wherever I can, and make it a policy that while I print a lot of paper, I never throw away paper. It's used for packaging, sketches, placemats, etc. I just have too much paper in stock to change to recycled right now. I'm going to work through this stock and then make the switch. Can't wait!
This is my etsy website:

If you're interested, I'll send you an image that you can print. All I ask is that you consider plugging my business if it is something that gels with your philosophy. Thanks for your time.
Happy Birthday, Lucy!

Renee said...

i made banners like that for mj's 1st, and i like them so much they're still hanging on my screened porch :). i also tore strips of the same fabrics and used them to tie flatware wrapped in napkins. i tied bigger torn strips around the backs of chairs in big floppy bows. $15 of fabric went a long way, and it looked great!

nick_price said...

You know what i was amazed to find last time i was at mom's house?

Tons of 100% post consumer cardstock!

Although it is in the form of old macy's signs... it is 100% re-usable and 100% green and 100% free.

I was just amazed that even after all the years since she has left there and been teaching that she still had some left.

Just a thought...