it's hot!

temperatures have taken a steep climb into the mid-nineties over the past few days. which means we're all hot, sweaty and looking for a little relief. well, lucy found some in the form of an oversized birdbath/urn that's been sitting in our yard for awhile. big plastic pool? we don't need no big plastic pool!!!

i guess lucy probably will grow a bit more during her childhood--which means this birdbath thing is only a temporary fix. i think it'd be an old claw-footed bathtub or antique horse trough for "swimming." i'll have to find a killer deal in order to make this dream come to life--i've seen both out at our antique fair--they certainly aren't cheap!


Family Time said...

i used a huge tarp and rolled up the sides to make a pool! you get to slide around in it and it can be as big or small as you want. plus you can use a tarp for everything. i broil my bacon in a broiler. not as crisp but i dont have to drain anything.

Kristen said...

Erin! Hi! So sorry I missed you when I was in the Bay Area helping my mom move. It was kinda hectic. I'd love to meet Ms. Lucy next time I'm in town. Adorable! Mom told me about your blog and I love reading it. Have been thinking green lately because of it... so easy to get lazy!

Saw this invention and thought of you... "Shower Curtain Gets Stabby on H2O Wasters" posted Apriol 22. Hilarious! www.Geekologie.com (my new fav way to kill a few hours).

Take care,