check out this giveaway...

have you thought about how you're wrapping all those presents this year? myself, i plan to make resusable gift wrap again. you know, in all my spare time. wait, i'm having a hard time finding spare time. which is why i just entered this giveaway and am crossing my fingers to win one of the 10 resuable gift bags being given away by the green bag lady.

why have i never heard of the green bag lady until now? she's made and given away nearly 8,000 reusuable bags to people who promise to stop using paper & plastic. all bags are made from donated & repurposed fabric. she even turns her scrap fabric into dog beds for an animal shelter--these beds use literally all of her scrap so that nothing goes to waste. genius.

kudos to the green bag lady. she's also been kind enough to share her gift bag pattern for those of us not lucky enough to win. but i totally plan on winning, don't you?

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