part three of my new year 50...

we were out & about for most of the day today, so not nearly enough time to sort through things as i would have liked. i hardly touched my closet--bummer because the donation pickup for our neighborhood comes tomorrow. i'd like to get everything out by then instead of having to hold onto it for another month. anyway, here's what got ditched today:

34. a massive pile of plastic utensils (from to-go restaurants, i guess) cluttering our silverware drawer--bagged up & donated.
35. a hefty stack of feminine pads (i switched to cloth for postpartum bleeding this time around, so i didn't use the ones i had leftover from lucy's birth)--plan on donating to a women's shelter.
36. ceramic soap dish--donation box.
37. half-empty bottle of old conditioner i won't use--tossed.
38. bathroom scale (we have a cute vintage one now)--donation box.
39 & 40. two shirts (both worn to ring in the new year in the past, interestingly enough)--donation box. i couldn't fit into them now anyway, sniff.
41-43. three "going out" tops that quite literally made me wince in horror when i pulled them from the drawer--donated.

that's it for tonight. i hope to rise early, sift around for my final 7 items, and get them out to the curb before the pickup truck comes along. should be do-able. poor jeremy is still in need of 30 items--maybe i can help him too!

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Tiffany said...

I posted the rest of my list on my blog. Thanks for hosting this! http://thisblisslife.blogspot.com/