part one of my new year 50...

1. pair of knee high socks with hole in the toe--upcycled into babylegs for hudson
2. fireplace screen & tool set--given to my parents (we got rid of our fireplace during our ongoing kitchen/living room remodel--have i mentioned i am living in a construction zone???)
3-4. 2 pint glasses--given to my brother (he asked for them)
5. purse with tags still on it--in a box designated for an upcoming clothing swap i am participating in
6-9. 4 pairs of flip flops in well-loved, but still usable condition--donation box
10. cute sachet set (with very little smell left)--donation box
11. clutch with broken clasp--donation box
12. ill-fitting baseball cap--donation box
13. sunglasses with scratched lens--donation box

that's it for today. writing everything out like this kind of has me wondering if donating less-than-perfect items (like the broken clutch and scratched sunglasses) is okay. i mean, they're still usable, but definitely not in great shape. should i be tossing instead? i so hate throwing things in the garbage. what do you think?

and feel free to post your lists in the comments section if you are playing along!


Mica said...

So far I've got 3 big bags full of clothing (some still with the tags) and shoes (many are dress shoes bought for weddings I was in and in perfect condition, just not my style). I will donate all. I have soooooo many baby boy clothes/blankets/etc. that I'd love to donate, but will stash in case we have a baby boy #2 in the future or a baby boy nephew in the future. Honestly, I'm not much of a hoarder, so I'm having some trouble finding other things to discard of. I hate clutter! I am going to take my stash of plastic grocery bags (we normally use cloth) to the store later and put it in the recycling container. I love your blog and enjoy reading mostly about Lucy and now Hudson! DH wants chickens so badly, but I haven't given him the okay yet. We have friends who have a little land from us down the road and have been taking Luke (16 months) to see the chickens and buy some eggs from them. =)

Abby said...

I hit 47 and am going to call it good. I've taken pictures and posted here:


Thanks again for the great idea!

Tiffany said...

Here is my first list! http://thisblisslife.blogspot.com/2009/12/50-things-challenge.html