lucy is 19 months!

my, what a difference a month makes. was it really only a month ago that our little family was taking pictures at the pumpkin patch, and still wondering if hudson was going to turn out a he or a she? over the course of the month, little lucy has gone from the baby of the family to big sister--a huge transition that she's taken pretty much in stride, minus a few hairy-scary days in the very beginning. this mama is certainly proud.

anyhow, over the course of the month, lucy has decided that she really doesn't like to have her photo taken. the paparazzi (that'd be me) is feeling quite unwelcome. the monthly photo shoot was a no-go. so i give to you the many faces of lucy, over breakfast:

new talents include:

~reciting parts of her favorite songs (itsy bitsy spider, mister rabbit, slippery fish)
~being completely out of diapers during the day (including naps!)
~taking good care of her baby dolls (changing diapers & bundling them up in a blanket)
~telling daddy to "fix it" (we're in the midst of a kitchen remodel)
~holding simple conversations with mommy--listing out people she knows and telling mommy if they drive a car or a truck. strange, i know.
~lavishing hudson with kisses & hugs. if mommy's lucky, she gets a little love too.



Anonymous said...

She's so cute.

Do you have any advice for bringing home a new baby with a toddler in the house? My little girl will be two when the baby comes. I'm nervous I won't make the transition "right" for her.

Also, how did you already get Lucy to use the potty during the day? Any book recs?

Thanks! I love your site!


erin said...

leah--i'm working on a potty training post. look for it in the next few days. as for bringing home a new baby, i can't offer too much in the way of advice. it's a tough transition! i try to spend 1-on-1 time with lucy as much as i can when hudson is napping, and there are times when i have to just put him down and pay attention to her, even if he's fussing a bit. i also have luck with putting him in the wrap or sling so that i can have both hands available to her.

i have found things really beginning to mellow out around here now that we're nearing the 1-month mark. our pediatrician said time is the best remedy for a new sibling situation, and it turns out he is right!