doing it differently this year...

i'm excited for christmas this year. well, don't let me fool you--i'm excited for christmas every year. but this year my family and i are switching things up a bit. instead of everybody buying for everybody, we picked names from a hat and will only buy a big gift for the person we drew. for everyone else, we'll buy a small gift that is either used or handmade. we're doing the same thing for jeremy's family.

overall, this switch means a lot less shopping and crafting. i'm feeling loads less stressed right now than in years past. i hit up the antique fair last weekend and got over half my shopping done. i'm dying to share photos but don't want to ruin any surprises for christmas morning.

now, on to the crafting. i'm having LOTS of trouble trying to find time to work on the small amount of crafting that i have to get done. i GUESS i have two very good excuses, but i am dying to get out to my studio and sew. we'll see--hudson has been sleeping better at night so i find i can get away without taking a nap when the kiddos are sleeping during the day. of course, now that i said that, he'll be back to his every-2-hour-self soon, i'm sure. :)

hope you're knee-deep in the holiday fun & enjoying every moment of it!

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