part two of my new year 50...

14. hardcover book--donation box.
15. 3 bungee cords--gifted to my brother, who wanted them.
16. really cute insulated picnic tote & matching wine bottle case--donated. this pained me b/c i want to be the type of person who picnics (with wine, no less) but we've had this bag at least 2 years and have never used it. so off it goes.
17. decorative pillow that wasn't meant for outdoor use and got left outdoors for a looooong time--trash.
18-31. went through my maternity clothes--donation box. if i didn't wear it through my pregnancy with hudson, i figure i surely won't wear it next time. (assuming there's a next time, and all).
32. a pair of slippers--donation box.
33. a pink puff vest (seriously?)--donation box. will be much better suited to a teenybopper than a near 30-year old, that's for sure.

next up, the other side of my closet and the bathroom sink cabinet. i'm sure we'll find some true gems lurking in the corners. :)

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