it's too late for christmas....

but hot chocolate on a stick is still a very fun project. and it yields truly yummy & thick homemade hot cocoa which is loads better than your average store-bought mix. i won't say the recipe is entirely easy--out of 5 batches i made, 3 had to be scrapped. steam from my double-boiler setup kept getting water into the chocolate, which causes it to seize. and once the chocolate/sugar mixture is ready for piping, you've got to work quickly. "working quickly" and "cooking with a toddler" are two phrases that don't really fit well together, in my experience. but we sure had fun. a word of warning: sugar highs = a downright guarantee!

"no mommy, my hand is NOT in the sugar jar. look away!"

did i mention the stick part is great practice in fine motor skills? and that the stick actually doubles as a really great spoon? :)