guess what? hudson is one month old!

well, he's actually 5 weeks, but everything takes longer with two kiddos. this includes photoshoots. anyhow, on to the pictures...

talents include:

~holding up his head for brief spans of time
~working hard on getting his fist into his mouth
~making baby acne look cute. well almost, anyway.
~taking lucy's not-always-gentle advances in stride
~expressing himself. the whole neighborhood knows that hudson's not a fan of diaper changes.

it's incredible, but we already feel like hudson has been around these parts forever. gotta love a guy who's only real desire in life is to be cuddled, you know?


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Anonymous said...

he's beautiful! i didn't get a good look at his sweet face at the antique fair. wow, he and lucy are going to look so much alike.