farm box friday...

i so look forward to our csa delivery. now that it's only coming every other week (we couldn't keep up with eating everything in a mere 7 days) we're able to use everything at a leisurely pace, trying out new recipes. but by the end of 2 weeks, i'm eyeing the packed-in-plastic produce at trader joe's and itching to get our new box delivery to freshen up our fridge. here's what came today:

~ 2 pounds navel oranges (um, 2 oranges weighing a pound each! huge!)
~ 2 lbs fuji apples
~ 2 zuatano avocados (guacamole coming right up!)
~ baby bok choy
~ a red cabbage
~ grean leaf lettuce
~ kale
~ leeks
~ carrots (carrots with stems attached are like, the cutest thing)
~ italian parsley
~ yellow onions
~ french fingerling potatoes

i get SERIOUSLY excited when i find baby bok choy in the box. so good. and wouldn't you know, i'd never ever cooked with it until starting our csa. now i'm totally hooked. we've had it on its own, in soup and in pasta. lucy calls it "lettuce," (we let her believe that anything green is lettuce--hey, it works) and gobbles it right up. so satisfying!

on a side note, our farm newsletter announced that our farm owners welcomed a baby girl into the world on january 1. they named her lola. eep! isn't that cute?

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