it might just be...

one of my favorite antique fair finds of all time... 

perhaps because i was :thisclose: to buying lucy a (used) plastic dolly stroller. you know, one of those really tacky ones. there's no shortage of  them in the thrift shops and consignment stores, and because lucy always gravitates toward the stroller at her preschool playgroup, i was getting quite tempted to go ahead and purchase one. despite the tackiness. i mean, if little girls want to push their baby dolls, who am i to say no on account of a little plastic? especially if that plastic can be had secondhand?

well. this little buggy caught the corner of my eye on sunday afternoon, while strolling through the alameda antique fair. i had to have it. and so we got it, for the fair price of $18. lucy pushed it right out of that booth with the proudest look on her face. and then steered it straight into a trash can. and into then a passerby's leg (the lady found it charming). 

we're working on her driving skills.

other finds: 

a little metal box for holding bills and things... 

two books--365 bedtime stories, and 365 nursery rhymes. both published in 1946, and originally belonging to a little girl named linda who wrote her name in perfect cursive on the inside front cover. too sweet. 

a little sweater had for $1. at first i thought it cute in an ugly sort of way. now i just find it rather ugly. oh well. it fits perfectly, and lucy digs the buttons. anything with buttons, for that matter. 
it was a trip of little things--a trio of embroidered potholders, a tattered tablecloth that will be made into pants, and something charming for hudson to wear for his 2-month photoshoot. which should happen tomorrow. how can it be that my sweet boy is already 2 months old?

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