super-simple sewing project...

if you have a little girl, sewing up a quick skirt seriously could not get much easier than this. the idea is based off of the very easy oliver + s lazy days skirt tutorial--leave it to me to find an even lazier approach to an already easy sewing project.

start with an old shirt. the wider the shirt, the fuller the skirt will be. this was an old navy polo shirt, sized medium. i think i will use larger shirts going forward--this skirt that resulted from this shirt could have benefited from a little more fullness. 

look at me, i didn't press my fabric before starting. tsk, tsk. oh well, we're none too fancy around these parts. and naptime (crafting hour) doesn't last forever, does it? i think not. onward!
decide what length you want your finished skirt to be, and add 2 inches to that measurement. measure up from the hem, and cut straight across the body of the shirt. 

fold raw edge down 1 inch and press. what, mine doesn't look like 1 inch to you? well, that's b/c i'm lazy (remember?) and just eyeball it. stripes are totally helpful in this regard, don't you think?

fold down another inch and press. this will be the waistband of the skirt. 
sew up the waistband... 
make sure to stop and leave a little room to get the elastic in. 
measure the child's waist, take off an inch or two (depending on how tight you want it to fit), and cut the elastic. use a safety pin to help feed the elastic through the waistband. 

overlap the 2 ends of elastic and sew together with a secure stitch of your choice (i zigzag a few times). then sew up the last little bit of the waistband, making sure not to catch the elastic. don't forget to backstitch and all that. 

track down your little one and pester them until they decide to let you dress them up in your latest craft project. marvel at your handiwork, your frugality, your kiddo, and the cuteness that is the combination of the three. 

note: if your little one has a big ol' belly (like someone i know) a shorter length (above the knee) is really going to be your best bet. i've made a few of these now, and the longer ones end up looking a little silly--they ride down in the front (under the belly) and the hem looks super uneven. like, comical. learn from my mistakes, people!


Kim said...

So cute! I will be making some skirts this week for my girls! Thanks for the post.

Brianna611 said...

Totally adorable!