hudson is 2 months old!

talents include: 

~smiling. the surefire way to melt a mama's heart.
~cooing. even better when combined with an aforementioned smile. 
~getting that big ol' head up. tummy time is finally fun!
~living up to his nickname of "the huddler cuddler."
~nighttime sleeping. don't want to jinx myself, but this kid has some pretty serious talent in the overnight department. naps are another story... 

to say that we've fallen in love with baby hudson simply doesn't begin to describe it. and while those words certainly aren't unique, the feeling behind them is absolutely delicious. 


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C and M said...

You take such nice photos! He is a cutie too!
Also, I wanted to thank you for posting about the 50 things you've gotten rid of. It motivated me to do clear out my own 50!