more goodies...

i told you i was addicted to crocheted food from lucette on etsy. our latest order includes all of lucy's recent favorite foods--carrots, broccoli, orange slices and popcorn. lucy LOVES her popcorn. it all started with a little rhyme we learned at her preschool playgroup (sung to the tune of frere jacques/are you sleeping):

popcorn kernels,
popcorn kernels,

in a pot.
in a pot.

shake and shake and shake them,
shake and shake and shake them,

'till they pop!
'til they pop!


Jackie said...

Love the song!

Jane said...

so cool!

luvlieK - Kelly said...

love those
lucette is awesome

DieselMonkey said...

OMG adorable!!!! i'd be afraid they would end up in my little guys mouth. everything does.