lucy is 20 months!

can you believe i'm still going with this? yeah, me neither. anyhow, on to the pics...

new talents include--

~bartering. as in "lucy, you may have one cookie." "TWO, mommy. TWO!" (said with a quite serious face, i might add). 
~helping mommy & actually being kinda helpful. fetching diapers and wipes, tossing out trash, putting away laundry. that kind of thing.
~falling asleep in her own room, in her own crib, all by her self after being tucked in. a true labor of love for over a year and a half, but i'm proud to say we never "cried it out" and the girl has learned how to happily put herself to sleep. 
~adding words like "mozzarella," "chamomile," and "predicament" to her vocabulary. there's really nothing she can't repeat back when asked, but hearing her say certain words such as these is just a hoot. 
~throwing tantrums. she's going on two and is not afraid to show it, people!
~recounting the days events in toddler-speak: carm boz came day, member mommy? carrets in der!
(that's "the farm box came today, remember mommy? there were carrots in there!" for those of you who don't speak toddler-ese. 

ah, we love her. cheers!

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laura said...

Lucy has such a great smile! I can't believe she's approaching two...wow. What a fast couple years.