more good cooking...

i don't consider myself a "good" cook by any means, but i've certainly been giving it a go. after all, cooking is just following directions, right? well, that's the problem with me. following directions is so tedious. :smile:

we had several brown bags filled with all sorts of potatoes from our csa box. red ones, yellow ones, even a few purple ones i'd gotten at trader joe's. well, in addition to all those potatoes, we had a few leeks. i don't think i've ever had potato leek soup, but it seemed we had all the proper ingredients, so i set about googling a recipe and came across this one at pinch my salt. a simple recipe accompanied by a series of gorgeous food-y photos. perfect.

a few hours later (after a run to the market for cream) we were dining on delicious homemade soup. lucy liked it. i loved it. jeremy thought it good but hinted to add garlic next time. a "good" vote on all three counts means that this one definitely has repeat-ability. which is nice, because it was quite cheap (notice the lack of meat, aside from chicken stock) and easy to make. even for a cook without a potato masher--mine appears to have gone missing. or perhaps i never had one at all. who knows. lack of a masher just meant our soup was very hearty in texture--perfect for all the rain we've been getting here in northern california.

next up--empanadas.

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kellenberger89 said...

I love potato and leek soup. One of my favorite restaurants is about 3 hours from my house...so I don't get to eat there often, but they gave me the recipe for their potato soup and it is the best I have ever had. They keep it on their menu all year. She adds just a few red peppers and rosmary....yum, yum!
By the looks of the baby bok choy the other day I would say you are a good cook and it will only improve as you grow older....Thanks for sharing