a handmade holiday???

as i was blog-hopping today, i came across a site that urges visitors to take the "handmade pledge" for the holiday season. you can check it our yourself by clicking here. basically, the concept is simple: "i pledge to buy handmade this holiday season, and request that others do the same for me."

i like the idea. i'm not sure i can jump in 100%, but i'm already planning on making the bulk of my gifts this year. i'd list them out for those that might be interested, but i don't want to spoil any surprises for the recipients that might be reading. lets just say there's a lot of work involved and i need to get going on everything soon!

as for what i'm not making, would it be possible to buy only handmade stuff for gifts? i don't know. i've fallen in love with etsy, a website that sells only handmade & vintage items. but i don't want to push this love affair on to those that might better appreciate something more... easily returnable, just in case it's not the perfect little gift.

as for "requesting" that others buy only handmade for me, well, i haven't given much thought at all to what i'd even want for the holidays. i mean, it's still summer until monday, right? (what the heck am i doing talking about christmas???) anyway, putting myself aside, i think it's more important to ask for something along these lines for lucy. we've got a small, small house, with lots and lots of "stuff" already. i'd much rather have one or two carefully picked things for her than a gazillion plastic toys. but that's just me. and if i'm bossy about what's "okay" and "not okay" to give her, doesn't that kind of take the gift-iness out of the whole process?

anyway, i didn't take the pledge yet. i'm still thinking about it.

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Katie said...

That is a hard oath to take. For the last few years, I have handmade the gifts we give during the holidays and they have always been well received. My best advice for giving your own handmade gifts is to start early b/c it is time consuming, especially with the little kiddos! :) Good Luck and Have fun with it!

(fellow nestie~kiliwicket)