a well-timed find...

off a tip from my brother, i asked my mom about her recipe for homemade granola. she came back with the crunchiest cookbook i've seen in, well, probably my whole life. not that i go around keeping tabs on things like that, but i wasn't expecting her to produce something so tied in with my "whole-foods septemeber" agenda. published in 1971, the book is called "the wonderful world of natural-food cookery." along with a seemingly simple granola recipe, there's also a section of baby food recipes, which will surely come in handy in a couple of months when lucy starts on cereals & purees. i hope make some granola tomorrow! i'm also trying ellie krieger's food network recipe, as suggested by one of my fabulous readers. perhaps i'll have jeremy do a taste test to see which one is better. (both of them call for lots of nuts though, of which jeremy is not a fan). anyway, it should be fun! i am missing my cereal like crazy!

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