vinegar... the magic solution?

could it be that, as we've struggled for weeks and weeks with an ant infestation, that the answer was in a simple bit of vinegar?

lucy's room is kinda stinky tonight (she's sleeping peacefully though--doesn't seem to mind!). we noticed ants going after the plain water that we use to wet down her cloth baby wipes... the water's in a plastic bottle with a sports-type lid that one of us left open after changing her. i'd read last night about using vinegar to get rid of ants--but didn't think all too much of it, figuring that we'd finally gotten rid of most of them. i mean, we've had ants EVERYWHERE. they were, most constantly, after the dirty diapers, the kitchen counter, the dog and cat food, the dog & cat water bowl, and the bathroom sink. i had them in my closet for awhile too. it got to the point where we couldn't leave ANYTHING out without dealing with a major trail. we kept meaning to go and get the borax ant baits, but neither one of us seemed to make it to the store to pick them up. cinnamon proved both messy and pretty much ineffective, as did the dr. bronner's peppermint soap... both good on a small scale, just not great for a major infestation. but this vinegar seems to have done the trick. it's hard to say, as it wasn't a thick trail in lucy's room or anything, but i haven't seen a single one coming out where jeremy sprayed. 

i'm proud of our resolve not to use raid to deal with this problem. and to be completely honest, we did use it a couple times. once in the kitchen, a teensy bit under the stove, as we were leaving the house one morning. another time in the garage. i think jeremy also used a bit while lucy and i were out of town visiting a friend. 

and you know what? 

they came back anyway.