tried it: crunchy clean laundry detergent...

i am loving laundry these days. my clothes smell yummy again, and all because of a new , eco-friendly detergent i am using. crunchy clean is made by a work-at-home mom, and is phosphate & chlorine free, and safe for use as greywater when we (hopefully) get a system running sometime in the not-so-near future. the detergent comes in a plethora of different scents--i chose a sampler trio of apple orchard, milk n' honey, and monkey farts. my favorite? by far the monkey farts. the name, though whimsical, doesn't do the scent justice. it's described as a blend of bananas, grapefruit, kiwi, bubblegum, strawberries, and a touch of vanilla. delicious. the powder itself smells very, very strong going into the machine, but freshly-washed clothes retain only a small bit of the scent on them once line-dried.

the clothes seem just as clean as they are with my regular detergent (planet, which is also eco-friendly). and i love the idea of supporting a work-at-home mom. crunchy clean is available on etsy.com. clicking here will take you directly to the crunchy clean store. she also makes a detergent that's safe for cloth diapers, but since i'm having tremendous success with seventh generation delicate care, i'm not in the market to switch.

all detergents offered by crunchy clean are scented with either fragrance oils or essential oils (there's also an unscented offering too). fragrance oils are synthetic, while essential oils are 100% natural. that's my understanding of it, anyway. the monkey farts blend is scented with fragrance oils... which must be why it smells so delicious!

in the future i'll probably try to fall in love with a scent that uses essential oils, since my constant goal is to cut back on unnecessary chemicals within our home. but there's no doubt that even with the fragrance oils, crunchy clean is a greener, safer, alternative to most store-bought detergents. at .12 per load, it's a totally affordable indulgence. i totally recommend it.

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