one down...

and one to go.

part of "whole-food september" is limiting eating out to only twice during the month. not very far in and i'm already down to one more occasion. lucy and i went to visit my lovely friend kelli on friday night. we went to a very yummy barbecue joint and i had a VERY yummy salad that could not be, in any way, shape or form, actually considered healthy eating. but it was good!

things have been shaking out pretty well here at home though. i baked bread and found a tortilla recipe (now i just have to make them!). i've also got homemade pizza dough in the freezer that i haven't yet tried. running out of cereal on day #03 was a bit depressing. in general my morning revolves around trader joe's organic raisin bran clusters... not to be confused with trader joes raisin bran which i find pretty tasteless and horrible. anyway, i can kind of put away 1/2 a box of the clusters in one sitting. but there's a natural foods store a few miles down the freeway that i've never been to, and i'm thinking that they sell fresh grains, the kind where you scoop your own. i'm hoping to make my own granola.

it doesn't get much more crunchy than that, does it?


BabyVagabond said...

Hi! Found you from the nest! Love your blog.

I use the granola recipe from Elie Krieger on the Food Network and love it! It's made with maple syrup so it's got nice, mildly sweet flavor.

nick_price said...

I've made granola with mom before, I'm not really sure of all the tip and tricks, but I'm sure she has some.