kiss me, i'm carbon neutral...

was the slogan of the night last night. there was no actual kissing, of course, but the slogan was printed on bumper stickers that volunteers like myself passed out to fans. the goal was to get concert-goers to fork over $3... a small donation that offsets roughly 300 miles worth of driving. reverb forks the money over to natural energy companies such as NativeEnergy, who work to find better ways to power up america. here's a snippet from the reverb/counting crows website:
"you can actually help a new Native American-owned wind farm get built. compensate for your global warming pollution and help NativeEnergy build new renewable energy projects that generate more than just electricity, they also help Native American tribes develop sustainable economies based on the gift of wind."
a $3 donation also got fans entered to win 1 of 10 autographed guitar and an organic lip balm courtesy of stoneyfield farm. of people who participated, i'd say most were super interested in winning the guitar, but there were some (like me) who were more in love with idea of cheaply offsetting their carbon emissions. i'd guess that together, 9 volunteers (including me) raised around $500. rough estimate. not a ton of money, but better than nothing at all.

i got a cute (organic!) shirt for volunteering. and as a really nice bonus, the reverb coordinator (who, in my opinion has the coolest job EVER... they travel on the tour buses & everything) slipped me an extra ticket she had, upgrading me from a random spot on the lawn. i got to sit in row "l", which was as close as i've ever been to the stage at a counting crows concert, or any concert for that matter, i think. she might have felt sorry for me because i was the only volunteer there by myself. anyway, it was an excellent surprise!

i missed my little lucy, but i still managed to have quite a good time. strange to be on my own out in the world after so many months with her attached to my hip! the three of us are hitting up the concord show tonight. after another late night like last night, i'm sure we'll all be thoroughly exhausted.

oh, and i won't forget to hit up reverb's both and give another $3!!!

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