kaiser salutes the locavore...

i've been meaning for awhile to post about this cute radio commercial i've been hearing. it's an advertisement by kaiser permanente, which is a large hmo here in california (as well as in a few other states). they've got a few really well-written radio spots, but this one in particular honors people dedicated to local eating (hey, that's me!). i get all happy whenever it comes on while i'm driving... i guess because i figure she's talking about me! ah, the simple things it takes to make me happy these days. anyway, you can listen to the spot here, along with a few others (click on radio ads, then locavore). but as your loyal blogger, i've gone through the pains of typing it out for your immediate enjoyment:

"kaiser permanente would like to take a moment to honor the locavore. what, you may ask, is a locavore? simply, a locavore is someone who only eats food that's grown locally. because it's fresher, it supports local growers, and requires less energy to transport. and while some people may call this a radical culinary agenda, we believe one's person's fanaticism is another person's lunch. so we say, 'stand tall, indigenous epicures and gastro-regionalists. all hail the noble locavore for vision, environmental awareness and nutritional good sense. because of you more people are eating fresh, delicious, healthy fruits and vegetables from local growers at the farmer's markets in their communities.' so to all local eaters everywhere, we offer you this 21-grain salute for your good taste and extra effort. because healthy food is what communities need to live healthy. and living healthy is what we stand for. we are kaiser permanente, and we want you to be well and thrive."

21-grain salute. how cute is that?

totally related: i haven't purchased a piece of non-local produce for over 2 months now. we've had all kinds of yummy summer fruits and veggies: pluots, green beans, cilantro, tomatoes, garlic, spring mix, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, nectarines, potatoes, peppers, zucchini... the list goes on and on. not one piece of it shipped from out of state, and the vast bulk of it within reasonable driving distance (under 100 miles) from our home. it's been a delicious summer. and now, with autumn finally here, i'm sure we'll begin to notice the changes at our local farmers markets (apples, anyone?) very soon. just today i spotted the first of the butternut squash, a sure sign that the seasons are changing. can we go on like this through fall & winter? will i ever buy another banana? what about pineapple? and what on earth will we do when lucy starts solids in november? stay tuned to find out!

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Molly said...

Consider yourself lucky to live in the state you do where farmer's markets continue into the "winter" months. All of ourse around here will be closed by Oct 1 and I'll be back to having to purchase produce at the grocery - I do my best to pay attention to local stuff, but banana's are a neccesity when you have a 2-year-old! lol
I found your blog through thenestbaby boards and have been following it along. I love all of your eco-goals and wish you the best of luck as you continue into another season!