um, failure alert...

i have to be honest and report that the whole 'not eating out' thing is not going well. you may recall my saying that "for some reason it feels like it's going to be difficult to get through the rest of the month without eating out. i mean, i know i'll be successful b/c that's what i said i was going to do, and i'm totally stubborn when it comes to this kind of thing..."

well, as it turns out, hunger (and a general love for food) overrides stubbornness. big time. a salad at at the solano stroll street fair (2 weeks ago), garlic fries at the counting crows concert(a week and a half ago), a half a pizza (and cookies) at the giants game last thursday, and today, a full-blown, sit-down mexican lunch while out at the martinez street painting festival. dang.

i wouldn't be worth anything as your loyal blogger if i didn't admit to my shortcomings, right? it seems like our weekends this month have been jam-packed with festival-type things--the weather has been wonderful and we've been spending lots of time out of the house, enjoying each other's company. and nibbling here and there. well, it started as nibbles. then nibbles turned into today's shrimp tacos with beans, rice and chips. sigh.

funny how i could carry through with my other commitments so easily. we're still line drying unless i need to machine dry new fabric, and we've not turned on the t.v. (except to watch 2 movies that we rented) since the end of july. swear! and those changes just weren't that hard to make. this food thing puts the concept of "lifestyle changes" on a whole new level. september has felt like a very long month. i won't get into an entire recap since the month's not quite over... but after today's lunch i felt i had to confess!

anyway, unrelated but cute: here's a quick picture of lucy at today's festival. the street had just been repainted, and they sectioned off little squares for people to play around with chalk. lucy napped in jeremy's arms while i fancied up a piece of main street in her name--literally. and woke just in time to enjoy it for a moment before we headed home. i think she digs my artwork.

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lolasmom said...

giving up going out to eat is so hard...I know my husband and I are struggling...

you're making a great effort, though. and I think one of the keys to happiness is balance!