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#01: lucy's wardrobe--now featuring american apparel. really nice stuff--the pants lend a great fit even the bulkiest of cloth diapers. the shirts come without snaps between the legs--imagine that! pieces come in a wide range of colors, are from 100% cotton, and are nice and thick. best of all, they're made in my home state of california. pricey, yes. we were lucky to hit up one of their outlets on the way home from santa barbara last month. i bought a LOT, and made sure to size up, since i know she's only going to grow!

i've been making a much more concerted effort to buy american made clothes for lucy. which seems to always equal a higher cost. fortunately i've got a great pants pattern and have been making a few pairs when i've got time. i'm loving the american apparel shirts, with a few consignment store/thrift store/vintage scores to round everything out.

#02: lucy's vintage bonnet. i was told it's probably from the 1940's, though who can be sure. at any rate it's super adorable, and i love love LOVE getting to dress her up in vintage. she's got quite the vintage wardrobe, actually, but not a lot for winter. the coming spring will be a season of little white dresses, no doubt about it!

which brings me to my point with the hat--things really were made BETTER in past decades. dresses were made to be let out, and later worn as shirts with bloomers. seams were strong. fabric was of high quality. care was taken to reinforce places that take the most wear--knees and elbows, mostly. like most things, many of today's clothes don't wash well, and have a tendency to fall apart after repeated wear. this includes my 3-month old gap jeans, which are now sporting a big patch under a sizable hole on the inner thigh. lovely.

#03: our $3 heap of plastic. i found the slide at a garage sale down the street, and snatched it up right away. i'm all about keeping big plastic slides out of the landfill, and lucy adores it. we'll be sure to pass it on once we're done.

something about having the slide out, and watching lucy crawl around in the grass, gives me the eager feeling that spring is truly here. and, if not truly here, than truly on its way very soon. we're ready. ready to keep off the heat in the mornings. ready to leave the doors open all day. ready to get some laundry up on the line.
here's to the eco-friendliness of spring.

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Kim said...

You're such a good mama. We just bought our 2 and 1 yr old daughters a slide, and it's the best thing on earth! Keep writing and sharing your eco friendly finds and tips, I look forward to them. I've learned so much from your finds. Have a great week!