our eco-friendly lunch...

our lunch outing today was so good, i just have to write about it. 

in order to combat the feeling of being "stuck" at home with a super-cranky lucy (she's got her first cold and also seems to be teething, poor girl!), jeremy suggested that we head on out to san francisco and hit up one of our favorite burger places for a treat. so we all hopped into the car and set out across the bay into the city, heading straight for taylor's automatic refresher. taylor's specializes in upscale drive-in diner style food: burgers, fries & hand-scooped milkshakes for the most part, with a few salads and other yummy items to round out the menu. what sets taylor's apart from other places is their forward-thinking approach to what is basically fast food--our burgers today were made from humanely-raised, vegetarian-fed, hormone-free beef. you surely can't say that about mcdonalds. 

i had the "western blue ring," a burger topped with an onion ring, crumbled blue cheese, bacon, pickles, red onion and barbecue sauce. soooooo good. jeremy had a plain cheeseburger (what's wrong with that guy?) and we shared our orders of sweet potato fries & regular fries (guess who ordered which?) with each other. and of course, a strawberry milkshake (made with rainbow ice cream) was in order. 

everything was served to us in recyclable or compostable containers--including the milkshake. trash bins nearby made it clear to customers which garbage was to go where--i didn't have to take home our compostable stuff in order to to actually compost it. 

we left taylor's feeling totally stuffed, in much better spirits (lucy included--the milkshake did her good--see above!) and thankful for such a gorgeous day in the city. it was warm enough to eat outdoors--lucy got a big kick out of the pigeons, as well as the numerous doggies being walked down the embarcadero. i personally felt happy that we were supporting a local business with intent to do some good in the world. $30 for lunch is certainly not cheap, but i'd rather have my money go towards a business making eco-conscious choices than one that is not.  you know?

just for kicks, below are a couple of photos that we took when we stumbled across a store called "lucy" on our way back to the car. how could we resist? too cute!

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