how do they do that? plastic fabric...

well, fabric made from recycled plastics, anyway. i know this stuff exists (maizy has a dog bed made from recycled water bottles) but i had no idea how they actually turn old bottles into fabric. this news report shows how it's done, and is fairly interesting. the part at the end where the anchors are touching all of the clothes? a little lame. hey, as your loyal blogger i have to warn you of these things.

well, that's it for tonight. i cut my finger on my brand-new rotary cutter, and have it all wrapped up, so typing is kinda slow right now. the good news? i have a brand-new rotary cutter! a brand-new rotary cutter = more diapers, faster (thanks again, mom!). the shop is opening soon!

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daisies916 said...

Yay brand-new rotary cutter!! Boo brand-new rotary cutter cut!! LOL