open for business...

four little fluff bugs is sorta-stocked and ready to go. i say sorta-stocked because there are a few more photos to take and about 10 more diapers to put up, but they'll all have to wait until tomorrow evening. this cloth-diapering making mamma is exhausted! 

in other news, lucy did in fact turn 11 months old yesterday. we're battling a super slow internet connection and i am so far unable to get her pictures posted to the blog. those to come tomorrow as well... this valley girl is headed to bed (the frame of which was purchased off of our local craigslist--yay for finding good stuff secondhand!). 


Anonymous said...

your shop looks great! and you've already made sales! i'm so happy for you!

Sarah said...

congrats! the shop looks great. you have some amazing sewing skills. did you learn how to sew diapers through trial and error?

I saw this new product and I thought of you and your paper towel-less lifestyle. I may try these out. if I do, I'll let you know how it goes.


Kelly Marie said...

So cute! I'm not in the market for CDs at the moment but we are TTC #2 :)

Would you mind if i post your shop on the nest? I know vendor posts are frowned upon but I'd love to give some promotion

erin said...

thanks for the comments, all! i did learn to sew not so long ago, but i've had the great luck of meeting my friend molly who is a seamstress extrodinare and who has taught me some very good things.

kelly marie--we'd love any word-of-mouth advertising that we can get. go for it!

sarah--those cloths look neat! let me know if you try them how they work!

l.w.--see you friday, i'll make sure to bring a jacket!

Alyson said...

The shop looks amazing! I am so proud! It was great to see you on Friday. :)