guess what???

there's going to be an etsy shop!

i've partnered with my wonderful friend molly (who also happens to be a very talented diaper-maker), and we are extremely excited to be in the works of building up a nice inventory of super cute, super fluffy diapers to stock in our shop. our estimated first stocking date is april 01!

check back here for previews and announcements--and if posting becomes a little slow over the next few weeks, just know that it's because i'm hard at work serging and snapping up a ton of diapers! the most difficult part, of course, is having the willpower to add them to the "etsy" pile, and not to the "lucy" pile. my poor daughter's diaper stash--soon to be severely neglected!


T.J. and Jen said...

You know what they say... the cobbler's kids have no shoes! Luckily I bet you have a pretty nice stash for her already.

Congrats on your decision!

Anonymous said...

better stock a lot of dipes! those things are gonna go fast!