sheet # 05: compost bucket
sheet # 06: jeremy swatted a bunch of flies (someone left the door open all day... oops) and used it to pick them up off the floor
sheet #07: compost bucket
sheet #08: i have a little tray that i throw lucy's things (bottle nipples and sippy cup parts) into when they come out of the dishwasher still wet. i feel like the paper towel is really good at soaking up the moisture, but in thinking of it now, a cloth towel would probably be even better. 
sheet #09: was used by jeremy to grab a spider's nest off of the wall
sheet #10: compost, of course

could it be? are we already 1/8 through our last roll of paper towels?


Sarah said...

I have been so encouraged by your paper towel watch...but I'm still so hesitant to give them up!

here's one thing I thought of that I feel like I couldn't do without my paper towels for - wiping the baby's face after meals.
what do you use to wipe lucy down after a messy meal?

I need to bite the bullet here, but I'm clinging desperately to my paper towels like a lifeline. help!

erin said...

hi sarah! for lucy, i have a stack of soft baby washcloths that i keep near her highchair. i wipe her up, if the cloth isn't too dirty i will keep it for the next time, but if she was really messy, i toss it in with our clothes laundry to get washed. really, really simple. and probably softer than a paper towel, too. you can find the circo washcloths really cheap at target and they are nice. good luck!!!

Sarah said...

thanks erin! I feel completely stupid for not thinking of that myself. we use the circo washcloths as our cloth wipes for his diapers, so you would think that solution would have crossed my mine before now! but thank you so much...I really feel freer to let go of the paper towels now. especially with warm weather coming...mmm crunchy line dried laundry.
btw - I can't wait for the etsy shop!