we're going on vacation...

a super mini vacation, that is. to lake tahoe. lucy's first trip to the snow... we're running out of time for it this year! i'm kinda confused why we're leaving the bay area now that temperatures have just gotten comfortable back into the 70's, but it should be fun. speaking of temperatures in the 70's, i've had the diapers on the line twice in the past week. i forgot how crunchy they get, how nice they smell, and how cheery they look all in a row, flapping around in the breeze. 

back on sunday with more diaper previews, the shop name reveal, lucy's 11 month photos, and the beginnings of posts about a very special 1st birthday party that is officially in the works. how eco-friendly can a birthday party be? there's lots to think about... it seems i NEED a vacation. 

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