back in the game...

i hung out all of lucy's diapers today (27 of them, to be exact). let me tell you what--prefolds are the way to go. you know, those uber-basic, old-fashioned diapers that many people (including myself) have a tendency to turn their nose up at, not for lack of function but for lack of cuteness? we've got at least a dozen of them, and somehow they rarely get used. they're our "in case of" diapers, as in "in case there's a 6-day power outage and we actually run out of diapers." or other near-impossible emergencies. 

well. let me state a few great things about prefolds. the lone prefold in this particular load of laundry dried as fast as the pockets, and much faster than the fitteds which are now sitting damp in my living room (it didn't get very warm today). the prefold also did not require any stuffing or snapping. just a quick fold and it's ready to go again. saving time where i can is going to be key in these next few weeks and months. and, i suppose, in these next few years as well. prefolds it is. unless we're going somewhere fancy.


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