new uses for old things...

we've been hard at work getting our backyard party-ready for lucy's upcoming bash. after living here for nearly 5 years, i was finally able to plant a bunch of flowers in the yard, knowing that it's finally at the point where it will be fun to maintain it, instead of a massive, never-ending chore. i had a great time planting up various containers that we've collected through the years. most were purchased at antique fairs and flea markets. here are a few of my favorites (and forgive me for not recalling all of the names of the flowers--expert botanist i certainly am not!): 

daises in an old mop bucket (we painted over the galvanized finish)

it's really fun turning old "junk" into planting containers. most needed holes drilled into the bottom to provide drainage, which was no big deal. i can't say it was any cheaper than buying new containers at a place like target or home depot, but i think that the end result has tons more charm, don't you?


lar1203 said...

i love the old mop bucket and the fireplace screen! thanks for the inspiration!

miamihoney said...

I really like the last one...great use of old stuff!!