i have to admit...

we've lost track of the paper towel count. i know you're all heartbroken! i blame it on the party last weekend--a big rush and whir of people in the kitchen and next thing you know, the tally just stopped being tallied. we've got at least half a roll left, so it's not like they were just flying off without purpose or anything, but we've certainly lost count of how many we've used. paper towel watch stops here, people. now on to the good news--what we learned!

i really see no need for paper towels anymore. it's hard to believe, as at one point i'd estimate we went through a roll per week. they're certainly convenient--especially for draining bacon and other greasy foods. you all left great suggestions on replacements for paper towels in greasy situations, which are all going to be tried as soon as we go on another BLT kick around here. but other than possibly being helpful for bacon and the like, i really see no use for paper towels any longer. that's a great feeling--and another thing i don't have to spend money on! 


angeline petalfoot said...

isn't it a great feeling - completely doing away with an item you used to feel was a necessity?
Now it's like, "I can't believe people spend money on paper towels!!!"
Seems like such a waste.

I was hoping that I could put in a little request. I'm very interested in hearing about raising hens. Might you think about doing a post about what it takes? or if you get a chance hit me back on these questions: What do you use for a hen house? Do you let them roam free? Do you live in a neighborhood or out in the country? Do you worry about them being eaten or run over? How often do you clean their house? Is it incredibly icky? How expensive would you say it would be to start up?
We just bought a farm, but have no animals yet. I'm interested in starting out with a few hens. We don't have a hen house, but a few outbuildings - stables & hay barns. I'm thinking about making a little structure that during the summer I can have outside, and bring it in during the winter months. (we live in WI, so I'm sure our experience will not be exactly like yours in CA).
Thanks so much for any input you might be able to provide! I know I asked a ton :-) Take care!!!


erin said...

sure thing! look for a new hen post within the week!