a party was had...

we are still coming down off of our birthday party high--lucy's first party party was an absolute blast and i am thrilled with how it all turned out. over the next week, i'll be sorting though pictures to post (we're waiting to get over 1,000 photos back from our wonderful photographer--yikes, i see a lot of scrapbooking in my near future). 

we made it clear on lucy's invites that we did not expect gifts, but of course received a few presents here and there that were greatly appreciated. i'll be posting our favorites over the next few days as i sort though photos, just to keep you all entertained in the meantime. thanks for hanging in while we were so busy with party planning!

here's an amazing gift from my brother's super talented girlfriend jaime:  

a set of 10 alphabet blocks, knitted from wool and then felted. i cannot imagine the time and effort that must have gone into this project. i was literally astounded to hold this set in my hands. that little lucy is a very lucky girl! she enjoys stacking (and knocking over) her brand-new blocks. i just like looking and them and marveling over jamie's ambition!


lar1203 said...

those blocks are amazing! lucy is a luck girl!

miamihoney said...

Awesome blocks! Lucy is going to enjoy them a bunch!