a trip to the cherry farm...

what a fabulous day. cherry season has just hit california, and lucy and i (along with our good friends molly and rain) made sure to take full advantage. we hit up one of the earliest open u-pick cherry farms located just a 35-minute drive from home. the girls had a blast--we were all pleasantly surprised to see that the fruit was low-hanging enough for them to pick a good deal of cherries all on their own. the weather seemed to grow hotter with each passing moment, so we couldn't stay out too long, but we managed to pick ourselves 10 pounds of beautiful, just ripe cherries. it felt like a great deal at $25, too (2.50/pound). i plan to get back once more before the season ends later in the month. this was just too fun, and of course, it's great to experience plucking your own food straight from the tree. it doesn't get much more local than that!

"i wonder why the mommies are doing all that hard work when there's lots of cherries to eat right here in this bucket!"

"hmmm. what do i want to do right this minute?"

"try to eat 4 cherries at once, that's what!"

"friend, all this cherry-picking is hard work. you need a snack. rice cake?"

tuckered out with bellies full of cherries... all babies should have it this good!


lar1203 said...

mmm... cherries... great pics!

Anonymous said...

Erin, we need to go picking again soon! Only 3 weeks left in the season, and we are nearly out of cherries! How about in 2 weekends, and the boys can come along? Molls