can you believe it? lucy is ONE!!!

lucy's actual birthday was spent at one of our favorite places--a river not too far from our home. we didn't get the best weather for lounging on the beach, but lucy didn't seem to mind at all. a leisurely picnic, a long wagon ride, and a few good-luck sprinkles... what more could a birthday girl want?

newest achievements include: 

~ standing unassisted for longer periods of time
~ signing "more," "kitty," "finished," "chicken," "nurse," "ball," and getting the hang of several others
~ saying "diaper!" (di-da)
~ climbing on nearly everything that she sees (with or without mommy's approval)
~ helping mommy push the wet clothes from the washing machine into the dryer
~ unloading the silverware from the dishwasher and handing it over to be put away
~ eating half of mommy's meal on a regular basis

wow. us new parents are often told that baby and toddler-hood go incredibly fast. what they don't say is that there should be a new term for this phenomenon altogether--fast doesn't begin to describe it. and yet despite this, jeremy and i were just commenting to each other that life before lucy seems like some sort of strange, fictional tale--was there really life before lucy? it seems that she's always been here, crawling around at our feet, giving us kisses and cuddles, standing on the bed between us and banging on the bedroom window while we try to catch a few more zzz's before sunrise. 

i hoped to be able to post pictures of lucy's long-awaited party this weekend, but we've had to postpone because our little birthday girl is sick. nothing too serious, but she wasn't much in the party sprit. we're looking forward to next weekend!

i almost forgot to mention--the party hats pictured above were handmade by us, but lucy's gorgeous, fluffy tutu (also handcrafted) can be purchased here


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Happy Birthday Lucy. One year is a big deal!

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