our farm box came!

i picked up our first-ever farm box yesterday, from terra firma farms. the pickup was in a residential neighborhood not to far from my home (a 15-minute drive). in our box were the following items: a bag of salad greens, 2 oranges, 2 leeks, a container of strawberries, a 1-meal sized bunch of asparagus, a bag of snap peas and a small bunch of carrots. my first impression is that we're going to need a bigger box--there's no way that this would be enough produce to satisfy us for a week. i visited the farm website to look at pricing for a larger box and saw that, indeed, the small box is designated for "snackers" and people who only eat at home a few nights per week. there's a considerable jump in pricing--from $59 to $98 per month. still, i think that $98 is an okay price, as long as it is really enough to get our family by without having to purchase many extras. i typically spend around $25 to $30 per week when i am shopping solely at the farmer's market for our fruits and veggies. we're going to try one or two more rounds of the small box before we decide whether or not to make the switch, keeping in mind that soon we'll soon be growing our own veggies in our garden here at home. 

on to the good news: the strawberries were pretty much the best that i have ever tasted. i've been buying organic strawberries from trader joe's, and lucy won't touch them with a 10-ft. pole. she devoured quite a healthy portion of our farm box strawberries once we got home (along with nearly a whole banana), and i don't blame her. they were super sweet and perfectly ripe. i only wish there were more in the box, as now they're nearly gone!

"local strawberries + non-local bananas = my new favorite snack, mommy!"

signing for MORE strawberries!

"hello, friends. you have bedhead like me!"

oh, and if you're wondering--yes, she totally wore the overalls for the first farm box excursion! 


lar1203 said...

the strawberry pics of lucy are adorable! can you recommend your signing book/ dvd? thanks!

erin said...

hi lar,

we didn't use a book or dvd, i took a free class at a local "green" pharmacy/drugstore to get a feel for the basics, but also love this site: http://www.aslpro.com/cgi-bin/aslpro/aslpro.cgi

there's a link on the main page to get to the baby signing section of the site, there are videos for every sign listed. good luck, let me know if you have specific questions!

lar1203 said...

thanks for the reply! i'l check out that site. i'm just hoping it isn't too late for ds to start learning some signs!